About Us

Who We Are ?

MTS trading plc was established in 2016 in Addis Ababa as a legally registered company. MTS trading is a private limited company dedicated to the provision of professional and high-quality cleaning Service, Installation and maintenance of Cooled /freezer rooms, chiller systems, Refrigeration, and Ac systems

The provision of cleaning and maintenance service is one of our premier specialties. Over two decades working with the brewery industry, we have rich and practical experience especially in providing cost-effective solutions in handling cooler preventive maintenance processes. We have built a trusted name in quality service delivery in this regard. MTS trading plc strives to maintain the highest quality service that includes continuous training.


We shall strive for excellence in all endeavors.

We shall give the Customer more than they ask for



To be recognized by our Clients, Employees and the industry as a leading service provider in the country

What is Special with us?

  • We have rich experience in the provision of draft beer line cleaning services

  • Exclusive draft beer line cleaning agent for BGI Ethiopia

  • We are a competent company capable of handling the entire draft beer line cleaning, installation, and maintenance of cooling systems

  • We have a committed staff who aspire to surpassĀ  your expectations

  • We have well equipped administrative offices, support utilities, and maintenance workshop

  • We have well established communication with renowned cleaning companies and cooling system manufacturers worldwide

  • We are capable of enhancing trust, credibility & acceptance

  • We have continuous refreshment training on Maintenance Management to our employees

  • We have continuous Awareness training for customers especially on standard cooler machineĀ  handling techniques

  • We have a strong mechanism for on-spot awareness creation and Training to our customers

  • We have staff who acquire international HAVAC system Certification

We want to be your complete Cleaning partner. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your cleaning solution, please