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Exclusive Draft Beer line cleaning agent for BGI Ethiopia

All beer systems need and require cleaning and maintenance due to the nature of the product.  Additionally, state authorities require cleaning on a regular schedule to meet health code requirements.  Different types of beer systems will require various methods of cleaning and multiple processes.

Required Cleaning is the minimum required to keep a draft beer system clean.  However, it typically falls short of what is needed to keep a draft beer system clean and trouble-free for the life of the installation.

We will outline the requirements for cleaning and maintaining a draft beer system and the additional needs to keep a fully functional draft beer system over the life of the system.


Draft Beer System Cleaning is required due to the buildup of organic products in beer and caused by organisms feeding on the beer like bacteria, yeast, microbes, and proteins.  These buildups will eventually affect the flavor and reliability of the draft beer system.

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*Air-conditioning (used to create and maintain certain temperature, relative humidity and air purity conditions in indoor spaces.)

*cooled/freezer room (Condenser units give off a considerable amount of hot air.)

*chiller system ( is a refrigeration system used to lower the temperature of machinery, industrial spaces, and process fluids by removing heat.)

*ducting and ductwork (Ducts are conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air.)